American Medical Review Incorporated

American Medical Review Incorporated was founded in 1996. When ETHIX (Portland, OR) was purchased by SANUS (New York Life), Gregory Husby founded AMRI. In the position of negotiations manager for ETHIX, Gregory was first contact for all Third-Party Administrators, Self-Funded Groups, Union Locals and various large national carriers. Given the option to move east and join on with the new owners, American Medical Review Incorporated was born and stayed on the west coast. This incredibly simple and proven program is streamline and very rewarding. There is no risk or cost, instead you receive significant savings of money you needlessly give away (fact).

Managed by shareholders and partnerships, for well over twenty-six (26) years American Medical Review Incorporated has enabled families nationally to overcome the high cost of out-of-network catastrophic illness. Saving third-party and self-funded groups tens of millions of their hard earned dollars. Waiving usual and customary, and out-of-pocket costs for members, as well as insuring that employer groups benefit from our vast network of contracts and agreements nationally with medical facilities, physician groups and rehabilitation facilities of every kind. Some of our groups have saved vast amounts of money with us for over a quarter century.

Our fee is the lowest in the nation. Our service is by far the best in the nation. Our outcomes far exceed those of our nearest competitor. Our reputation is stellar and we can provide the contact names and references to prove it. Simply put, if you are not using AMRI to save your employees, groups and companies their hard earned dollars.... then you are missing a great opportunity. Our motto, from day one has always been the same, it will never change.

“In a World of Promises, We Produce”


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